What We Do

Through our consultancy businesses, we provide end-to-end consultancy that can be partially supportable by Enterprise Development Grant.


We also work closely with technology partners to provide bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions for Human Resources.

Executive Search & Recruitment

We support our clients as Recruitment Process Outsourcing partners in any of the following upon request​

  • Scope and refine Job Descriptions (with our experience in Skillsfuture Frameworks in various sectors)

  • Advertise on multiple platforms including popular ones (with our powerful technology tool)

  • Outreach to formal or informal channels (with our deep connections to different sectors / network)

  • Conduct interviews (with experienced interviewers)

  • Liaise with candidates (with experience of certified coach)

  • Advise client Employment Policies and Practices

The benefits of our services is the confidentiality (we are trained in data protection), experience in leadership (and organizational structure / culture) as well as employment practices.

HR Planning and Assessment Services

Leverage on our leadership and management experience to help you assess and plan human resources that will meet needs of your business organization, As qualified trainers with leadership and management experience, we can also help you to train and coach your leaders and managers in staff supervision and management.

Practice Areas
  • IT & Project Management

  • Service, Marketing & Communication Leaders

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • ArchitectureDesign & Engineering 

  • Education Management, Teachers and Administration

  • Data Protection


The framework below outlines some of the key processes that can be part of the recruitment process outsourcing as well as the overall HR Consulting.